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Samsung asked us to reinvent the brand online. Responsibilities included the re-launch of in 62 countries, accommodating 36 languages, and global new product launches for Samsung Consumer Electronics (LCD TVs, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Notebook PCs and Appliances) and B2B Products (Printers and Solid State Drives). Additionally, we were responsible for the development of a worldwide social media strategy handbook which was leveraged by the countries to deliver innovative social solutions on a local country by country basis.   Finding common ground amongst all the various constituents proved to be a daunting challenge.  We began by building a photographic aesthetic based on the industrial design of the Samsung flagship products.  From that foundation we were able to establish not only a look and feel for the brand, but were instrumental in defining their digital voice through all social channels, mobile devices, rich media and immersive content.


Samsung Mobile

Samsun Galaxy SII Launch

If Samsung was going to take on the iPhone, they knew they needed a new unexpected way to quickly gain ground.  Weeks before the large US launch they wanted to tease the features of the new smart phone.  Specifically the higher resolution video camera and larger brighter screen.  The budget was non existent for the tease phase so a large scale effort was not an option.  How do you drive buzz and get people talking about a feature of a smart phone no one knows too much about yet?  You hire the worlds most prolific film maker.  Spielberg?  Nope -- YouTube's Freddie Wong!  

12,645,250 views later this viral film is still captivating audiences.

Galaxy Tab Stories


Samsung wanted to talk to small business owners for the launch of their tablet. Over the course of a week in Los Angeles, we profiled real small business owners who are about to embark on either the expansion of their ventures. Throughout, we showed how the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the device they use for inspiration, organization and productivity.


Samsung TVs


When 3D TV was first launched, consumers had one huge question: “What am I going to watch?” So we took their concerns and addressed them head on. We gathered experts, visionaries and artists working in 3D to give consumers an inside look at all the exciting developments in the field. From Ed Leonard, the Chief Technology Officer of Dreamworks, to Mauro Fiore, the award winning cinematographer of Avatar, the biggest box office smash ever in the US, we revealed everything about 3D technology that would show consumers all the incredible features already available, and whet their appetites for all the amazing 3D content yet to come.

The video series generated over 250,000 views on YouTube in the first few weeks alone, and our experts reached out and generated even further discussion through social media with over 500 follow-up tweets and 200 Facebook posts, spurring anticipation and excitement around 3D technology and content that still continues today.


The campaign on twitter

The campaign on YouTube

Samsung "The Living Room"


When does TV become more than a passive experience and transport the viewer into a rich immersive world beyond their imagination.  Only when you're watching what YOU want to watch.

With only a few innocuous questions like: "Do you prefer an aisle or window seat?" the site's algorithmic machine engine will chose a genre and recommend a popular movie for you to try out on a Samsung Smart TV.  Now that's smart.

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